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Leona's Summer in Ireland

Leona's Summer in Ireland

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Leona is an Irish American girl who lives in America but loves traveling to Ireland for the summer. Join Leona on her many adventures starring her Granny, Granda, and cousins.


This book is dedicated to all first-generation families who divide their time and love amongst two great nations, Ireland and America. It is not easy having your heart in two places, but with that comes many blessings and memories that last a lifetime and are passed on for generations to come.

Specifically, I would like to dedicate this to my mother and father who brought me and my sisters on trips home to Ireland to have the time of our lives. I would like to thank my Granny in Ireland who always provided such a loving and exciting home for us.

I’m so excited for my daughter, Leona, and son, Darragh, to know Ireland as I do: a beautiful place full of endless fun and adventures with their Granny Ann and Granda Eamon in Tyrone.


Book dimensions: Book measures 8.5″x 8.5″ | Hardcover with a dust jacket 

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