About Mary Mac Press

I first came up with the idea to write Leona's Summer in Ireland when I was preparing for my daughter's first trip to Ireland. She was going to be 8 months old and meeting her Granny, Granda, and Aunties Brenda and Louise for the very first time. This made me reflect on my own experience growing up, taking frequent trips to Ireland to visit family. I found myself experiencing mixed emotions. On one hand, I was so overjoyed that I was going to be able to share my profound love of Ireland with my kids. However, I also knew first-hand the raw heartbreak that occurred when the trip was over and I had to head back to America. I decided to write a story that would portray these extraordinarily fun times in Ireland while acknowledging the inevitable sad farewell at the end of each trip. My hope is this book will help not only my own kids, but also countless other families as they navigate these emotions. With the help of the incredibly talented artist Claire Slattery, the story came to life with vivid illustrations that will either transport you to your own childhood or help your kids relive their exciting summer adventures in Ireland. I invite you and your loved ones to get immersed in the fun and adventures with Leona on her summer trip. I decided to create my own self-publishing company called Mary Mac Press as I intend to publish future books that will feature an array of adventures, including Granny and Granda coming to America. Stay tuned, friends!